Student-Athlete Sportsmanship Award

The Strikeforce Committee on Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct is seeking nominations for the Strikeforce Student-Athlete Sportsmanship Award which recognizes TWO student-athletes who have demonstrated the highest levels of integrity, dedication, sportsmanship, and passion for the sport of volleyball.  Only current Strikeforce members may nominate athletes, and those athletes must be currently registered with Strikeforce to be eligible. All ages, levels, and abilities are eligible for nomination. Winners will receive this special honorary Strikeforce jacket in recognition for their discipline, dedication, and commitment to excellence on and off the court.

Nomination criteria:

  • Nominee(s) has positively affected the community's volleyball culture and game environment.

  • Nominee(s) clearly demonstrates sportsmanship that exhibits the leadership, values, respect, and integrity of Strikeforce.

  • Nominee (s) display a passion for learning and a commitment to the learning process technically and strategically.

  • Nominee(s) display acts of integrity that go beyond the sport's playing rules and etiquette.

  • Nominee(s) has made decisions that while difficult or unpopular, are respectful of the game/opponent.

  • Nominee(s) put others' needs ahead of his or her own.

  • Encouraging student-athletes to demonstrate good sportsmanship and ethical conduct in and out of competition.

  • Multiple individuals may be considered if involved in the same act.

How do I submit a nomination?

Nominations must be submitted directly to the Club Director. The deadline for nominations for this prestigious award is April 1st,  2020.


Mailing Address:

12176 Pasadena Way

Boynton Beach, FL  33437

P. Dre - 561.308.9041



We are a member club of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball. As a player you may stop any unwanted contact from a club representative simply by asking (either verbally or in writing) that all contact cease. Any player believing a club representative of any Florida Region Volleyball club has been intimidating, harassing, or acted inappropriately in any manner of contact or recruiting should contact the Florida Region office at (352) 742-0080.